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TV listings for live soccer matches in the MLS, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga,
Scottish Premiership, EFL Championship, and more.

Channels covered: beIN Sports, CBC, CTV, ESPN Classic Canada, Lifetime, NBC, RAI,
Sportsnet, Sportsnet One, Sportsnet360, Sportsnet World, Telelatino, TSN1–5, TVA Sports.

This page is for informational purposes only. All match listings are subject to change.


Timezone (under construction):

Date Time (EST) Status   Competition Match Channel
FriJun 228:00 AMLIVEWorld CupBrazilvsCosta RicaRDS
FriJun 228:00 AMLIVEWorld CupBrazilvsCosta RicaTSN1
FriJun 228:00 AMLIVEWorld CupBrazilvsCosta RicaTSN3
FriJun 228:00 AMLIVEWorld CupBrazilvsCosta RicaTSN4
FriJun 228:00 AMLIVEWorld CupBrazilvsCosta RicaTSN5
FriJun 2211:00 AMLIVEWorld CupNigeriavsIcelandRDS
FriJun 2211:00 AMLIVEWorld CupNigeriavsIcelandTSN1
FriJun 2211:00 AMLIVEWorld CupNigeriavsIcelandTSN3
FriJun 2211:00 AMLIVEWorld CupNigeriavsIcelandTSN4
FriJun 2211:00 AMLIVEWorld CupNigeriavsIcelandTSN5
FriJun 222:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSerbiavsSwitzerlandRDS
FriJun 222:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSerbiavsSwitzerlandTSN1
FriJun 222:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSerbiavsSwitzerlandTSN3
FriJun 222:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSerbiavsSwitzerlandTSN4
FriJun 222:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSerbiavsSwitzerlandTSN5
SatJun 238:00 AMLIVEWorld CupBelgiumvsTunisiaCTV
SatJun 238:00 AMLIVEWorld CupBelgiumvsTunisiaRDS
SatJun 238:00 AMLIVEWorld CupBelgiumvsTunisiaTSN1
SatJun 238:00 AMLIVEWorld CupBelgiumvsTunisiaTSN3
SatJun 238:00 AMLIVEWorld CupBelgiumvsTunisiaTSN4
SatJun 2311:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsMexicoCTV
SatJun 2311:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsMexicoRDS
SatJun 2311:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsMexicoRDS2
SatJun 2311:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsMexicoTSN1
SatJun 2311:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsMexicoTSN3
SatJun 2311:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsMexicoTSN4
SatJun 2311:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsMexicoTSN5
SatJun 232:00 PMLIVEWorld CupGermanyvsSwedenCTV
SatJun 232:00 PMLIVEWorld CupGermanyvsSwedenRDS
SatJun 232:00 PMLIVEWorld CupGermanyvsSwedenTSN1
SatJun 232:00 PMLIVEWorld CupGermanyvsSwedenTSN3
SatJun 232:00 PMLIVEWorld CupGermanyvsSwedenTSN4
SatJun 232:00 PMLIVEWorld CupGermanyvsSwedenTSN5
SatJun 235:00 PMLIVEMLSPhiladelphia UnionvsVancouver WhitecapsTSN1
SatJun 235:00 PMLIVEMLSPhiladelphia UnionvsVancouver WhitecapsTSN5
SatJun 237:30 PMLIVEMLSOrlando CityvsMontreal ImpactTVA Sports
SunJun 248:00 AMLIVEWorld CupEnglandvsPanamaCTV
SunJun 248:00 AMLIVEWorld CupEnglandvsPanamaRDS
SunJun 248:00 AMLIVEWorld CupEnglandvsPanamaTSN1
SunJun 248:00 AMLIVEWorld CupEnglandvsPanamaTSN3
SunJun 248:00 AMLIVEWorld CupEnglandvsPanamaTSN4
SunJun 2411:00 AMLIVEWorld CupJapanvsSenegalCTV
SunJun 2411:00 AMLIVEWorld CupJapanvsSenegalRDS
SunJun 2411:00 AMLIVEWorld CupJapanvsSenegalRDS2
SunJun 2411:00 AMLIVEWorld CupJapanvsSenegalTSN1
SunJun 2411:00 AMLIVEWorld CupJapanvsSenegalTSN3
SunJun 2411:00 AMLIVEWorld CupJapanvsSenegalTSN4
SunJun 242:00 PMLIVEWorld CupPolandvsColombiaCTV
SunJun 242:00 PMLIVEWorld CupPolandvsColombiaRDS
SunJun 242:00 PMLIVEWorld CupPolandvsColombiaTSN4
SunJun 242:00 PMLIVEWorld CupPolandvsColombiaTSN5
SunJun 245:00 PMLIVEMLSNew York City FCvsToronto FCTSN4
SunJun 245:00 PMLIVEMLSNew York City FCvsToronto FCTSN5
MonJun 2510:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSaudi ArabiavsEgyptRDS2
MonJun 2510:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSaudi ArabiavsEgyptTSN2
MonJun 2510:00 AMLIVEWorld CupUruguayvsRussiaRDS
MonJun 2510:00 AMLIVEWorld CupUruguayvsRussiaTSN1
MonJun 2510:00 AMLIVEWorld CupUruguayvsRussiaTSN3
MonJun 2510:00 AMLIVEWorld CupUruguayvsRussiaTSN4
MonJun 2510:00 AMLIVEWorld CupUruguayvsRussiaTSN5
MonJun 252:00 PMLIVEWorld CupIranvsPortugalRDS2
MonJun 252:00 PMLIVEWorld CupIranvsPortugalTSN1
MonJun 252:00 PMLIVEWorld CupIranvsPortugalTSN3
MonJun 252:00 PMLIVEWorld CupIranvsPortugalTSN4
MonJun 252:00 PMLIVEWorld CupIranvsPortugalTSN5
MonJun 252:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSpainvsMoroccoRDS
MonJun 252:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSpainvsMoroccoTSN2
TueJun 2610:00 AMLIVEWorld CupAustraliavsPeruRDS2
TueJun 2610:00 AMLIVEWorld CupAustraliavsPeruTSN2
TueJun 2610:00 AMLIVEWorld CupDenmarkvsFranceRDS
TueJun 2610:00 AMLIVEWorld CupDenmarkvsFranceTSN1
TueJun 2610:00 AMLIVEWorld CupDenmarkvsFranceTSN3
TueJun 2610:00 AMLIVEWorld CupDenmarkvsFranceTSN4
TueJun 2610:00 AMLIVEWorld CupDenmarkvsFranceTSN5
TueJun 262:00 PMLIVEWorld CupIcelandvsCroatiaRDS2
TueJun 262:00 PMLIVEWorld CupIcelandvsCroatiaTSN2
TueJun 262:00 PMLIVEWorld CupNigeriavsArgentinaRDS
TueJun 262:00 PMLIVEWorld CupNigeriavsArgentinaTSN1
TueJun 262:00 PMLIVEWorld CupNigeriavsArgentinaTSN3
TueJun 262:00 PMLIVEWorld CupNigeriavsArgentinaTSN4
TueJun 262:00 PMLIVEWorld CupNigeriavsArgentinaTSN5
WedJun 2710:00 AMLIVEWorld CupMexicovsSwedenRDS
WedJun 2710:00 AMLIVEWorld CupMexicovsSwedenTSN2
WedJun 2710:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsGermanyRDS2
WedJun 2710:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsGermanyTSN1
WedJun 2710:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsGermanyTSN3
WedJun 2710:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsGermanyTSN4
WedJun 2710:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSouth KoreavsGermanyTSN5
WedJun 272:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSerbiavsBrazilRDS
WedJun 272:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSerbiavsBrazilTSN1
WedJun 272:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSerbiavsBrazilTSN3
WedJun 272:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSerbiavsBrazilTSN4
WedJun 272:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSerbiavsBrazilTSN5
WedJun 272:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSwitzerlandvsCosta RicaRDS2
WedJun 272:00 PMLIVEWorld CupSwitzerlandvsCosta RicaTSN2
ThuJun 2810:00 AMLIVEWorld CupJapanvsPolandRDS
ThuJun 2810:00 AMLIVEWorld CupJapanvsPolandTSN2
ThuJun 2810:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSenegalvsColombiaRDS2
ThuJun 2810:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSenegalvsColombiaTSN1
ThuJun 2810:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSenegalvsColombiaTSN3
ThuJun 2810:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSenegalvsColombiaTSN4
ThuJun 2810:00 AMLIVEWorld CupSenegalvsColombiaTSN5
ThuJun 282:00 PMLIVEWorld CupEnglandvsBelgiumRDS
ThuJun 282:00 PMLIVEWorld CupEnglandvsBelgiumTSN1
ThuJun 282:00 PMLIVEWorld CupEnglandvsBelgiumTSN3
ThuJun 282:00 PMLIVEWorld CupEnglandvsBelgiumTSN4
ThuJun 282:00 PMLIVEWorld CupEnglandvsBelgiumTSN5
ThuJun 282:00 PMLIVEWorld CupPanamavsTunisiaRDS2
ThuJun 282:00 PMLIVEWorld CupPanamavsTunisiaTSN2
SatJun 303:30 PMLIVENational Women's Soccer LeagueOrlando PridevsNorth Carolina CourageLifetime
SatJun 307:00 PMLIVEMLSMontreal ImpactvsSporting Kansas CityTSN4
SatJun 307:00 PMLIVEMLSMontreal ImpactvsSporting Kansas CityTSN5
SatJun 307:00 PMLIVEMLSMontreal ImpactvsSporting Kansas CityTVA Sports
SunJul 14:30 PMLIVEMLSToronto FCvsNew York Red BullsTSN4
SunJul 14:30 PMLIVEMLSToronto FCvsNew York Red BullsTSN5
SunJul 17:00 PMLIVEMLSVancouver WhitecapsvsColorado RapidsTSN4
SunJul 17:00 PMLIVEMLSVancouver WhitecapsvsColorado RapidsTSN5

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